My Outdoor Chronicles​

      Words inspired by Mother Nature.

A Healing Wind

An Ageless Passion:
Skiing the 'Bird

As published  in Wasatch Journal

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   As the body is challenged, nature empowers the soul

Racing on a downhill skiing course at fifty miles per hour, sixteen-year-old Olympic hopeful Marianna Davis missed a turn. She flipped over a fence, smacked into an aspen tree back-first, bounced off it, and hit a second one with her head. Her helmet and back shattered.   (Read Article Here)
 Margaret Anderson pauses at the top of Regulator, one of Snowbird’s  expert only ski runs, to capture the view one more time.  Below her awaits an open bowl, laden with eight feet of Utah’s legendary powder snow.   (Read Article Here)

  Adaptive Kayaking is One   Part Water, Two Parts Fun

Detour Ahead

An excerpt from my book in progress

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 The therapeutic powers of water are well known.  We spend our pre-natal days in a liquid environment.  Our bodies are mostly water.  Water is life itself.  It’s no surprise that for those of us with disabilities, water is indeed a magical friend.  It is the great equalizer, allowing us to float effortlessly, without fighting gravity.   (Read Article Here)
“I am paralyzed.”  The words kept slamming through my head as I lay motionless.  Six hours ago, I was whole: a twenty-two year old Utah State University student looking for the next adventure.  Then I decided to join some fraternity brothers at the lake, where I dove into the water and hit a submerged tree stump, breaking my neck.  (Read Excerpt Here)