Friends That Inspire
People that won't quit.
Along the way I've met some extraordinary people who don't give up regardless of what life throws in front of them, like Brittany Fisher, pictured here with her dog Cooper.  Just knowing them has made a difference in my life.  You can meet a few of them here. 
  1. My Family
    Obviously my family comes first and foremost. Without the love and support of my wife, my parents, my siblings, my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law, I would not have survived, recovered and be thriving in spite of my life-changing injury. They've accepted me for who I am and nurtured me along the way.
  2. Muffy Davis
    Marianna "Muffy" Davis is a Paralympic skier and handcyclist, world adventurer, wife, mother and motivational speaker. She broke her back and was paralyzed on a downhill training run in 1989 but has never slowed down since. She's living proof that the human spirit can overcome any adversity. You can read more about Muffy at
  3. Tanja Kari
    Tanja is a Finnish wonder woman who won Gold at the 2002 Paralympics in Nordic skiing. She's also the Director of the TRAILS program at University of Utah Hospital, a recreation and outreach program for people with spinal cord injuries. She radiates compassion and strength, while providing essential life-changing outdoor pursuits for people with disabilities.
  4. Dr. Jeffrey Rosenbluth
    Dr. Rosenbluth is the Medical Director of the Spinal Cord Acute Injury Rehabilitation Program at the University of Utah Hospital. He is also the founder of TRAILS, the recreation and wellness program for those of us who live with paralysis from spinal cord injuries. His clinic has no walls and his healing methods come with rivers, lakes and mountains.
  5. Joe Walker
    A fraternity brother and friend since college days at Utah State, Joe is largely responsible for me getting on a bike in spite of my limited strength and mobility. He supported me, encouraged me and made me laugh, something he's especially good at. Small in stature yet big in heart, he's the perfect cycling companion. Thanks, Joe.
  6. Brittany Fisher
    A track athlete at Utah State University, Brittany broke her back in a rappelling accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. The fall didn't break her spirit. Today she is competing again in cross country skiing. Her radiant smile is stronger than ever, and so is her will to live life to the max. Read Brittany's inspiring blog at
  7. Marit Fischer
    Brand builder and communications strategist, Ironman triathlete, trail runner, licensed Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, wife and mother. That only begins to describe Marit Fischer. I had the pleasure of working with Marit and learned from her the power of commitment. Marit radiates inner strength and compassion for others. You can find out more about her at